06- The Marriage Bed: God Ordained Sexual Pleasures

Jan 8, 2021

About Forward Church

Welcome to Forward Church, a community-centered place of worship where we strive to create an environment that fosters growth, understanding, and connection. We are dedicated to exploring and embracing our faith and beliefs, and this page focuses on the importance and significance of the marriage bed and God-ordained sexual pleasures within the context of marriage.

The Significance of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred institution that has been celebrated across different cultures and religions throughout history. At Forward Church, we believe that marriage is a divine union ordained by God. It serves as a symbol of unity, love, and the commitment between two individuals.

Understanding God-Ordained Sexual Pleasures

When it comes to marriage and intimacy, we embrace the belief that God intended sexual pleasures to be enjoyed within the sacred bond of marriage. This understanding aligns with the teachings found in the Bible, which highlight the importance of mutual love, respect, and fulfillment within a marital relationship.

Creating a Strong and Healthy Marital Bond

At Forward Church, we strive to help couples cultivate a strong and healthy marital bond, which includes nurturing a fulfilling sexual relationship. We believe that open communication, trust, and understanding play vital roles in building a deep connection, both emotionally and physically. Through a community-focused approach, we provide guidance and support for couples seeking to enhance their understanding of God's intention for sexual intimacy.

Breaking Taboos and Addressing Misconceptions

In today's society, discussions surrounding sexuality can often be met with discomfort or taboo. At Forward Church, we aim to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where questions, concerns, and misconceptions can be addressed. Our dedicated community is committed to breaking through these barriers by providing educational resources, workshops, and opportunities for open dialogue.

Seeking Wisdom and Guidance

At Forward Church, we acknowledge that each individual and marital relationship is unique. We encourage seeking wisdom and guidance from trusted spiritual leaders, counselors, and therapists who can offer personalized support. Our community is here to foster connections, providing a network of individuals who can relate to, learn from, and encourage one another.

Join the Forward Church Community

If you are seeking a faith-based community that embraces the value of marriage and believes in the sacred nature of sexual intimacy, we invite you to join us at Forward Church. Together, we can explore the depths of our faith, address important topics, and strengthen our connections with God and one another.


Forward Church is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals and couples to explore and understand God's intentions for marriage and sexual pleasures. By embracing the significance of the marriage bed and God-ordained sexual pleasures, we aim to cultivate stronger bonds, healthier relationships, and a deeper connection to our faith and beliefs. Join us on this journey of exploration and growth within the Forward Church community.

Nathan Shew
Interesting perspective on the importance of God-ordained intimacy! 😇🛏️
Oct 12, 2023