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Aug 18, 2020

Our Vibrant Community and Faith

Welcome to Inside Our Church, the heart of Forward Church. As a member of our vibrant community, we believe in embracing love, compassion, and growth. At Forward Church, we strive to create an inclusive and uplifting environment where individuals from all walks of life can come together to worship, learn, and support one another.

A Place of Belonging and Support

In our church, we recognize the importance of belonging and support. We offer a variety of programs, events, and groups that cater to different age groups and interests. From our youth ministry to our seniors' group, there's a place for everyone to connect and feel supported.

Passionate Worship and Spiritual Growth

At Forward Church, we are passionate about worship and spiritual growth. Our worship services are designed to inspire, uplift, and connect you with a higher power. With a blend of traditional and contemporary music, heartfelt prayers, and engaging sermons, our services create a space for reflection, renewal, and connection.

We also offer a range of spiritual growth opportunities, including Bible study groups, workshops, and retreats. These opportunities allow you to deepen your understanding of faith, explore theological questions, and develop a closer relationship with God. Our experienced pastors and leaders are always available to provide guidance and support on your spiritual journey.

Embracing Love and Compassion

Love and compassion are at the core of everything we do at Forward Church. We believe in extending kindness and support not only to our church members but also to the wider community. Our outreach programs aim to make a positive impact by serving those in need and addressing social issues in our local area.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

As part of our commitment to community and society, we actively seek ways to engage with and serve those around us. We partner with local organizations to address pressing issues such as hunger, homelessness, and education. Through volunteer opportunities, our church members have the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of others while living out their faith.

Supporting Personal Growth and Transformation

We believe in the transformative power of faith. Forward Church provides support and resources for personal growth and transformation. Our counseling services offer guidance during challenging times, and our life coaching programs empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

At Forward Church, we embrace diversity and inclusivity. Our doors are open to individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person and believe that everyone has a valuable contribution to make. We encourage respectful dialogue and nurture an environment where different perspectives are welcomed and embraced.

Engaging Children and Youth

We value the spiritual growth of children and youth. Our Sunday school programs and youth groups provide a safe and engaging space for young people to explore their faith, build friendships, and develop leadership skills. Through age-appropriate teachings and activities, we strive to nurture the next generation and equip them with a strong foundation of faith and values.

Celebrating Life's Milestones

Forward Church is also a place to celebrate life's milestones. Whether it's a baptism, wedding, or memorial service, our pastors and caring community are here to support you during these significant moments. We believe in the power of collective love and prayer, creating a meaningful and memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

Join Us on Our Spiritual Journey

We invite you to join us on our spiritual journey at Forward Church. Experience the warmth of our community, the power of worship, and the transformative love of God. No matter where you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here.

For more information about our programs, upcoming events, or how to get involved, please explore the rest of our website or reach out to our friendly staff. We look forward to connecting with you and helping you discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from being part of our church family.

Quincy Lawson
Love this community!
Nov 8, 2023