System of Ethics, Confessionals & Conditional Formulas

Aug 17, 2019


Welcome to Forward Church, an inclusive community fostering personal growth and spiritual development. We believe in the importance of ethical behavior, introspection, and accountability. As part of our commitment to our members, we have developed a comprehensive System of Ethics, which includes Confessionals and Conditional Formulas. In this article, we will explore these principles in detail, understanding their significance in our community.

Understanding the System of Ethics

At Forward Church, the System of Ethics forms the foundation of our beliefs and practices. It provides a framework through which we can assess our actions, understand the consequences, and make amends when necessary. Our System of Ethics is guided by compassion, integrity, and a deep respect for the individual journey.

Ethics in Daily Life

Integrating ethics into our daily lives is crucial for personal growth and building a harmonious community. Our System of Ethics encourages members to be mindful of their conduct, ensuring it aligns with principles of kindness, honesty, and responsibility towards oneself and others. By cultivating ethical habits, we create an environment rooted in trust, empathy, and mutual understanding.

Confessionals: A Path to Personal Reflection

Confessionals serve as a valuable tool for personal reflection, allowing individuals to analyze their thoughts, actions, and intentions. Within our System of Ethics, Confessionals offer a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to examine their innermost emotions and experiences. This process fosters self-awareness, promotes personal growth, and helps in identifying areas for improvement.

Benefits of Confessionals

Engaging in Confessionals provides numerous benefits to our community members, including:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Emotional healing and catharsis
  • Guidance for personal development
  • Building trust and understanding within relationships
  • Enhancing empathy and compassion

Conditional Formulas: Promoting Accountability and Growth

Conditional Formulas within our System of Ethics offer a roadmap for personal accountability and growth. These formulas outline a series of steps to be taken when one recognizes an ethical breach or mistake. By following a specific set of actions, individuals can mend relationships, learn from their experiences, and work towards personal transformation.

Key Components of Conditional Formulas

Conditional Formulas encompass the following key components:

  1. Recognizing the ethical breach
  2. Taking responsibility for one's actions
  3. Making amends to those affected
  4. Developing strategies to avoid similar situations in the future
  5. Contributing positively to the community

Embracing the System of Ethics at Forward Church

Forward Church recognizes the immense power of ethics in fostering personal growth and maintaining a supportive community. Through our System of Ethics, Confessionals, and Conditional Formulas, we provide individuals with the tools to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Application in Community and Society

Our dedication to the System of Ethics extends beyond the walls of the church. We strive to positively impact our broader community by promoting ethical values and offering guidance to individuals in need. Through volunteer efforts, educational initiatives, and compassionate outreach, we seek to create a more harmonious and understanding society.


The System of Ethics, Confessionals, and Conditional Formulas lie at the core of Forward Church's commitment to personal growth and community well-being. By embracing these principles, we cultivate an environment where individuals can learn from their mistakes, grow spiritually, and build meaningful connections. Join us at Forward Church and embark on a transformative journey guided by respect, integrity, and compassion.