Fairhaven Rescue Mission - Grace Fellowship Church

Jul 16, 2021

Mission and Vision

At Fairhaven Rescue Mission, we are committed to providing hope, healing, and restoration to the most vulnerable members of our community. As a ministry of Grace Fellowship Church, our mission is to serve those who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, and other life struggles by offering practical support, spiritual guidance, and opportunities for transformation.

About Forward Church

Forward Church, the parent organization of Fairhaven Rescue Mission, is a vibrant and diverse community that seeks to impact lives through our faith and beliefs. Our dedication to making a positive difference extends beyond the four walls of our church building, as we actively engage with our community and address the needs of those around us.

Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs

As part of the Community and Society category, Forward Church is deeply rooted in our shared beliefs and values. We believe that faith should influence every aspect of our lives, inspiring us to love and serve others selflessly. Through our programs and ministries, we aim to create a compassionate and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Services and Programs

At Fairhaven Rescue Mission, we offer a wide range of services and programs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals facing homelessness, addiction, and various life challenges. These include:

  • Emergency Shelter: We provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals and families in need of immediate shelter.
  • Meals and Nutrition: We offer nutritious meals to ensure that basic needs are met and individuals have access to healthy food options.
  • Job Training and Placement: Our Job Training and Placement program equips individuals with the skills and resources they need to secure stable employment.
  • Education and Life Skills: We believe in empowering individuals through education and life skills training, helping them build a better future.
  • Substance Abuse Recovery: Our Substance Abuse Recovery program provides support and resources for those seeking to overcome addiction.
  • Medical and Mental Health Services: We collaborate with medical professionals and offer access to mental health services to address the holistic needs of our guests.

Making an Impact

Through our holistic approach, we have witnessed countless lives transformed. Stories of hope, resilience, and recovery are the backbone of Fairhaven Rescue Mission and Forward Church. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, we help individuals regain their dignity, develop new skills, and transition into independent and fulfilling lives.

Support our Mission

If you are passionate about making a difference and want to support our mission, there are several ways you can get involved. You can volunteer your time, make a financial contribution, or donate essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and non-perishable food items. Your support enables us to continue offering essential services and programs to those in need.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about Fairhaven Rescue Mission or Forward Church, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our website or visit us in person at:

Forward Church 123 Main Street Cleveland, OH 12345

We look forward to connecting with you and partnering together to impact lives, restore hope, and foster a stronger and more compassionate community.

Scott Hill
🙌 A powerful ministry committed to providing hope, healing, and transformation to those in need. Amazing work! 💪🌟
Nov 11, 2023