03-The Church and Its Most Neglected Love Language

Feb 13, 2020

The Power of Love within Faith and Beliefs

Welcome to Forward Church, an inspiring community that champions the power of love and its impact on faith and beliefs. In this sermon, we explore the most neglected love language of the church and its profound significance in transforming our communities.

Understanding Love Languages

Love languages are the different ways individuals give and receive love. We often encounter the five primary love languages in personal relationships, but seldom do we consider their importance within the context of a community, especially in the church.

The five love languages, as originally proposed by Dr. Gary Chapman, include:

  1. Words of Affirmation: Expressing love through positive and encouraging words.
  2. Acts of Service: Demonstrating love through helpful actions and acts of kindness.
  3. Receiving Gifts: Feeling love through thoughtful gestures and meaningful presents.
  4. Quality Time: Building love through undivided attention and shared experiences.
  5. Physical Touch: Experiencing love through physical contact, such as hugs or handshakes.

The Most Neglected Love Language in the Church

While various love languages exist, our sermon focuses on the often-neglected love language within the church: Acts of Service.

Within church communities, we often prioritize spiritual growth, worship, and fellowship. While these aspects are undoubtedly essential, it is crucial not to overlook the profound impact that acts of service can have on individuals and our community as a whole.

Impacting the Community through Acts of Service

Acts of service are acts of love that aim to meet the needs of others. Whether it's reaching out to the marginalized, providing support to those experiencing hardship, or simply lending a helping hand, acts of service demonstrate the love of Christ in action.

Forward Church strongly believes that by authentically embracing acts of service, we can create a transformative impact within our community and society. Through selfless acts, we aim to dismantle barriers, foster inclusivity, and uplift those in need.

Unlocking the Love within Our Hearts

The neglect of the acts of service love language limits the potential of the Church to fully express its love. By understanding the importance of acts of service, we can unlock a new level of compassion and fulfill the calling to love our neighbors as ourselves.

At Forward Church, we actively encourage our members to engage in acts of service, both within and beyond our church walls. We provide numerous opportunities for individuals to volunteer, participate in community outreach programs, and support local initiatives.

The Ripple Effect of Love

When the Church embraces acts of service as a love language, it creates a ripple effect of love and positivity that extends far beyond its immediate reach. By embodying this love language, we can inspire others to follow suit and create a lasting impact on our society.

Join Forward Church and experience the transformative power of love within the context of faith and beliefs. Let us be a catalyst for change, spreading love through acts of service, and building a stronger, more inclusive community.


As we conclude this sermon, let us remember that love is a powerful force that can bring about positive change. By recognizing, embracing, and prioritizing the often-neglected love language of acts of service within the church, we can establish a community that radiates love, compassion, and unity.

Robert Pickett
I never realized how important love languages are within the church community. 😮🤔
Nov 11, 2023
Janet Arsdale
This article sheds light on the church's neglected love language. 😊🌟
Oct 4, 2023