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Jun 23, 2023

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Thank you for visiting the website of Forward Church! We are a vibrant and inclusive faith community dedicated to serving our community and spreading the message of God's love. In this article, we delve into the profound question posed by Jesus, "Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord'?". Join us as we explore the deeper meaning behind these words and how they can transform our lives.

Understanding the Question

When Jesus asked, "Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord'?," He wasn't merely seeking affirmation of His status as the Son of God. This question challenges us to reflect on the depth of our faith and the true nature of our relationship with Him. It prompts us to examine how we live out our beliefs and whether our actions align with our professed devotion.

Calling Jesus "Lord" implies a recognition of His authority and lordship over every aspect of our lives. However, Jesus emphasizes that mere acknowledgment through words is not enough. He desires a genuine commitment and obedience that stems from a heart transformed by His love.

A Deeper Commitment

As followers of Christ, it is crucial to comprehend that faith encompasses more than verbal profession. It calls for a holistic surrender of our lives, submitting our will and desires to the loving sovereignty of Jesus. Calling Him "Lord" means acknowledging Him as the ultimate authority, allowing His teachings to shape our thoughts, actions, and decisions.

Jesus further emphasizes the significance of obedience in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 6, verse 46: "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord,' and not do what I tell you?" True discipleship involves a willingness to walk in obedience, bearing fruits of righteousness and love in our interactions with others.

Living Out Our Faith

At Grace Fellowship Church, we believe that having a personal relationship with Jesus goes beyond attending religious services; it extends into our day-to-day lives. Our vibrant community is dedicated to supporting each other as we strive to live out our faith in practical ways.

We offer a wide range of activities, including regular worship services, Bible studies, community service projects, and various ministries catering to all age groups. Through these avenues, we seek to equip individuals with the tools necessary to grow in their relationship with Christ and find avenues to put their faith into action.

Transformation through Grace

The question "Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord'?" challenges us to dive deeper into our faith journey and evaluate the authenticity of our commitment. At Forward Church, we believe that with God's grace, true transformation is possible.

We encourage everyone to explore the teachings of Christ, engage in meaningful conversations, and seek spiritual growth within a supportive community. Our sermons are tailored to address real-life challenges and provide practical guidance rooted in biblical insights.

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Whether you are seeking answers to life's questions, looking for a place to belong, or desiring to deepen your spiritual walk, we welcome you with open arms at Grace Fellowship Church. Our diverse and inclusive community is committed to journeying together as we learn, grow, and serve one another.

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Jennifer Lodden
Great insights! 🙌🔍
Nov 12, 2023
Brad Deneau
Interesting perspective on the question Jesus posed. It's crucial to understand the deeper meaning.
Oct 14, 2023