Esther - Grace Fellowship Church

Jun 17, 2022


Welcome to Forward Church's sermon series on the fascinating story of Esther. At Grace Fellowship Church, we are passionate about community and exploring our faith through engaging sermons. Join us as we delve into the biblical narrative of Esther, uncovering valuable lessons of faith, courage, and God's providence.

Discovering Esther's Story

Esther is a captivating character from the Bible, and her story continues to inspire and resonate with believers around the world. Set in the Persian Empire, the book of Esther portrays the remarkable journey of a young Jewish woman who becomes queen and, against all odds, saves her people from destruction.

Faith in Challenging Circumstances

One of the main themes explored in the book of Esther is the importance of faith, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Esther's unwavering trust in God, coupled with her bravery, serves as a powerful example for believers today. Through her story, we are encouraged to trust in God's plan for our lives, even when situations seem dire.

Lessons in Courage and Boldness

Esther's courage and boldness are evident throughout her journey. She risks her life by approaching the king uninvited, revealing her true identity, and standing up for her people in the face of opposition. Her bravery challenges us to confront our fears and speak up for what is right, even when it may be difficult or uncomfortable.

God's Providential Guide

Throughout the book of Esther, we witness God's providential guidance in every twist and turn of the story. From Esther's placement as queen to the timely uncovering of a plot against her people, God's hand is evident. This reminds us that God works behind the scenes, orchestrating events for our ultimate good, even when it may not be immediately apparent.

Join Grace Fellowship Church

If you are intrigued by the story of Esther and desire to deepen your understanding of the biblical narrative, we invite you to visit Grace Fellowship Church in Cleveland. Our worship services are designed to foster a sense of community, while our sermons provide valuable insights into the scriptures.

Engaging Sermons

At Grace Fellowship Church, we believe in delivering sermons that are not only informative but also engaging. Our pastors are passionate about sharing the timeless truths found in the Bible, making them relevant and applicable to our lives today. Join us as we explore the story of Esther and uncover its profound meaning.

Fellowship and Community

As a community-focused church, we believe in the importance of fellowship and building relationships with one another. You will find a warm and welcoming environment at Grace Fellowship Church, where you can connect with like-minded individuals seeking to grow in their faith.

Seeking Purpose and Truth

Join Forward Church as we seek purpose and truth together. The story of Esther is just one example of the rich, transformative narratives found in the Bible. We are committed to deepening our understanding of God's Word and applying its teachings to our daily lives.


Embark on a journey of faith, courage, and God's providence as we explore the story of Esther through this sermon series at Grace Fellowship Church. Join us and discover the power of the biblical narrative to transform lives and shape our understanding of God's plan for us. Visit Forward Church in Cleveland and be a part of our vibrant and welcoming community.