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Jun 7, 2023


Welcome to the 'Big Rocks' series, presented by Forward Church. In this series, we delve deep into the foundational aspects of our faith, exploring the significance of grace, community, and beliefs. Join us at Grace Fellowship Church for an immersive and transformative experience.

The Importance of Faith

In our fast-paced world, faith provides us with a solid anchor and a meaningful purpose. At Grace Fellowship Church, we believe that faith is a powerful force that allows us to navigate life's challenges with resilience and hope. Through our engaging and thought-provoking sermons, we aim to strengthen your faith and empower you to live a purposeful life.

Embracing Grace

Grace is a fundamental concept in our belief system. It is the unmerited favor extended to us by a loving and forgiving God. We emphasize the importance of embracing and extending grace, both towards ourselves and others. Our sermons explore how grace can transform our lives and relationships, fostering forgiveness, compassion, and reconciliation.

Fostering Community

Community plays a vital role in our spiritual journey. At Forward Church, we are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming community where individuals can find support, encouragement, and genuine connections. Through our various community-focused initiatives, we aim to strengthen the bonds among our members and inspire collective growth.

Upcoming Sermons in the 'Big Rocks' Series

  • 1. The Rock of Faith: Exploring the foundations of faith and its transformative power.
  • 2. Extending Grace: Understanding how grace can heal wounds, restore relationships, and bring about personal growth.
  • 3. Building Community: Examining the significance of community in our spiritual journey and how it shapes our beliefs and actions.
  • 4. Living a Purposeful Life: Discovering God's purpose for our lives and how it impacts our choices and priorities.

Join Us at Grace Fellowship Church

We invite you to join us at Grace Fellowship Church and be a part of the 'Big Rocks' series. Our vibrant and inclusive community is open to everyone seeking spiritual growth, meaningful connections, and a deeper understanding of faith. Experience the transformative power of grace and discover your purpose in life.

Contact Information

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At Forward Church, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and uplifting environment for individuals seeking to deepen their faith, embrace grace, and find a supportive community. Join us as we explore the 'Big Rocks' of our faith and experience God's transformative love and guidance. We look forward to welcoming you to Grace Fellowship Church.

Michael Bush
This series is a game-changer in understanding faith's importance and experiencing transformative growth. Join us!
Nov 11, 2023