Exodus: Chapter 18

Aug 2, 2019

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Introduction to Forward Church

Welcome to Forward Church, a thriving community and society-focused organization dedicated to faith and beliefs. Our mission is to inspire positive change, foster strong relationships, and uplift society through the teachings of the Bible. In this page, we will explore the significance of Exodus: Chapter 18 and its relevance to our community-driven activities.

Exodus: Chapter 18 - Insights and Teachings

In Exodus: Chapter 18, we witness a crucial moment in the journey of the Israelites, led by Moses, as they continue their trek through the desert. This chapter provides valuable insights and teachings that resonate deeply with our beliefs and values at Forward Church.

1. Jethro's Wise Counsel

In this chapter, Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, visits the Israelite camp and observes the great burden placed upon Moses in leading the people by himself. Recognizing the importance of delegation and teamwork, Jethro advises Moses to appoint capable leaders to assist him in governing the people. This teaches us the importance of shared responsibility and effective leadership within our community.

2. Embracing Diversity and Unity

Exodus: Chapter 18 highlights the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the Israelites who have journeyed together. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating these differences, while still uniting under a common purpose. At Forward Church, we strive to create an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, promoting unity and understanding among our members.

3. Strengthening the Community

Moses heeds Jethro's advice and appoints capable leaders to assist in resolving disputes and addressing the needs of the people. This action contributes to the overall strength and well-being of the Israelite community. Similarly, at Forward Church, we believe in empowering individuals to actively participate in community development, ensuring a supportive and caring environment for all.

4. Faith in Action

Exodus: Chapter 18 reinforces the importance of faith and trust in God's guidance. Through Moses' obedience to Jethro's counsel, we see the manifestation of God's wisdom and provision for his people. At Forward Church, we encourage our members to put their faith into action, knowing that God's guidance will lead us towards a better future.


Exodus: Chapter 18 holds deep significance for Forward Church. It serves as a reminder of the importance of shared responsibility, diversity, unity, community strengthening, and faith in our journey to uplift society through our beliefs and values. As a community-driven organization, we strive to embody the teachings and wisdom found within this powerful biblical chapter.

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