Welcome to Forward Church's Virtual Tour in Solon, Ohio!

Sep 27, 2019

Immerse Yourself in Our Community and Beliefs

Forward Church warmly welcomes you to embark on a virtual journey through our Solon, Ohio location. Our virtual tour brings you closer to experiencing our vibrant and inclusive community and the faith and beliefs that guide us in our journey.

A Glimpse into Our Worship Spaces

Step inside our stunning sanctuary, where the harmony of sunlight streaming through stained glass windows creates an atmosphere of serenity. Our worship space is meticulously designed to foster a sense of connection and reverence, providing a tranquil setting for communal worship, prayer, and reflection. Take a moment to admire the intricate craftsmanship of our altars and pews, each reflecting the love and devotion of our congregation.

As you navigate through our virtual tour, you'll also discover our state-of-the-art multimedia facilities. Designed to engage and inspire, these spaces enable us to incorporate technology seamlessly into our worship services, enhancing our ability to connect with our community near and far.

Explore Our Engaging Programs

At Forward Church, we believe in holistic growth and nurturing the potential within each individual. Our virtual tour allows you to explore the different programs and ministries we offer, catered to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Discover our vibrant youth center, a hub of energy and excitement where young minds thrive. From engaging workshops and mentorship programs to recreational activities and inspiring youth-led services, we provide a nurturing environment for our next generation to connect with their faith.

Our adult ministries cater to diverse interests, offering small group sessions, Bible study groups, and impactful seminars—providing opportunities for spiritual growth, meaningful connections, and communal support. We believe in creating spaces where individuals can explore and deepen their understanding of their faith, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and spiritual nourishment.

Experience Our Community Outreach

Forward Church is deeply committed to serving and uplifting our broader community. Our virtual tour offers insight into the various outreach programs we actively lead in Solon, Ohio. From food drives and partnerships with local organizations to provide aid to those in need, to engaging in environmental and social justice initiatives, our community outreach efforts extend beyond the confines of our walls.

Step into our community center, a gathering place that hums with purposeful activity. From educational workshops to support groups, this space serves as a conduit for empowering our community, fostering connections, and making a positive impact in the lives of those we touch.

Embrace the Forward Church Family

Our virtual tour aims to provide you with an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day life of our congregation. Experience the warmth and unity as you virtually join us for fellowship after worship, witnessing the laughter and conversations that bind us together as a family.

Within our walls, you'll find a welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated, and different perspectives are embraced. We believe that by embracing our differences, we grow stronger together, united by our shared values and a common vision for a brighter future.

Join Us on This Virtual Journey Today!

Whether you are a long-time member of Forward Church or new to our community, we invite you to take part in our virtual tour and experience the heart and soul of our Solon, Ohio location. Immerse yourself in our warm and inclusive community, discover our beliefs, explore our worship spaces, and engage with our varied programs and outreach endeavors.

As you embark on this virtual journey, we hope you feel inspired and connected. We look forward to welcoming you in person at Forward Church in Solon, Ohio, and continuing our collective pursuit of faith, growth, and community.