Dec 26, 2017


Welcome to the page dedicated to Mary Anne Cynthia Costanzo, a valued member of Forward Church. In this comprehensive article, we will explore Mary Anne's contributions, her involvement in our community, and her strong faith. Join us as we delve into the impact Mary Anne has made and how she inspires others towards spiritual growth.

Early Life and Faith

Mary Anne Cynthia Costanzo was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. From a young age, she showed a deep passion for faith and spirituality. She actively participated in our local community church, where she developed a strong foundation rooted in love, compassion, and service.

Active Involvement

Mary Anne's commitment to her faith and community is evident through her active involvement in various church programs and initiatives. She has been a dedicated member of Forward Church for over 15 years, actively participating in worship services, volunteer work, and leadership roles.

Worship Services

Mary Anne attends weekly worship services with unwavering dedication. Her presence is felt by fellow church members as her warm smile and welcoming spirit create an atmosphere of love and inclusivity. She actively engages in prayers, hymns, and listens attentively to thought-provoking sermons, seeking inspiration and spiritual growth.

Volunteer Work

Recognizing the importance of serving the community, Mary Anne is actively involved in various volunteer programs organized by Forward Church. Her selflessness shines through as she tirelessly devotes her time and energy to support charitable initiatives, such as food drives, clothing donations, and outreach programs for vulnerable populations.

Leadership Roles

Mary Anne's dedication and unwavering faith have led her to take on leadership roles within Forward Church. She has served as a mentor, offering guidance and support to individuals seeking spiritual growth. Additionally, she has been a member of various committees, contributing to the planning and execution of church events and initiatives.

Inspiring Others

Mary Anne's fervent devotion, kindness, and unwavering faith inspire others within the Forward Church community. Her nurturing and compassionate nature provide comfort to those in need. Through her actions and words, she encourages individuals to embrace their spiritual journeys while fostering a sense of belonging within the church community.


Mary Anne Cynthia Costanzo is a pillar of strength within Forward Church, exemplifying what it means to live a dedicated life of faith and service. Her active involvement, inspiring leadership, and unwavering commitment have impacted countless lives. We are grateful for her presence in our community and the inspiration she brings. Join us in celebrating Mary Anne's contributions to Forward Church, helping us create a place of love, faith, and belonging for all.

Greg Souser
Inspiring woman, strong faith.
Oct 6, 2023