So That You May Know: Triumphal Entry - Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem

Jan 24, 2018

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Welcome to Forward Church, a vibrant community where faith and beliefs are embraced and celebrated. Our mission is to guide individuals towards a deep, meaningful connection with God and each other. In this sermon, we delve into the powerful story of the Triumphal Entry and Jesus' profound emotions towards Jerusalem.

Triumphal Entry: A Transformative Moment

As we explore the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, we witness a transformative moment in the history of Christianity. This event marks the beginning of Holy Week, leading to Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

The Significance of Jesus' Entry

Jesus' entry into Jerusalem was nothing short of extraordinary. Riding on a humble donkey, He was hailed as the long-awaited Messiah by the crowd. This moment fulfilled ancient prophecies and solidified His divine purpose on Earth.

Understanding Jesus' Emotions: Weeping over Jerusalem

While the Triumphal Entry was a moment of celebration, Jesus' emotions were far from joyful. As He approached Jerusalem, looking out over the city, Jesus wept. His tears were not only for the rejection and suffering He knew awaited Him, but also for the spiritual blindness of the people.

Finding Relevance in Today's World

Though this event occurred over two thousand years ago, its message remains profoundly relevant today. Jesus' entry into Jerusalem symbolizes hope, redemption, and divine love. It is a reminder of the transformative power of faith in our lives.

Embracing the Triumphal Entry's Lessons

Reflecting on the Triumphal Entry can teach us valuable lessons:

  • Humility and Service: Jesus deliberately chose a donkey as His mode of transportation, demonstrating the importance of humility and selfless service.
  • Authenticity: The crowd recognized Jesus as the Messiah, responding with genuine worship and praise. We are called to align our hearts and actions with this same authenticity.
  • Compassion and Love: Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of His profound compassion and love for its people. We must strive to emulate this love through kindness, forgiveness, and empathy.
  • Recognizing Divine Purpose: Jesus' entry fulfilled ancient prophecies, underscoring the divine purpose woven throughout history. We are encouraged to seek and recognize the divine purpose in our own lives.

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Discover the Profound Message of the Triumphal Entry

The Triumphal Entry and Jesus' tears over Jerusalem convey a profound message of love, redemption, and the transformative power of faith. At Forward Church, we invite you to explore this powerful narrative, delve deeper into Holy Week, and discover the true meaning behind Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

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Graeme Craft
What a thought-provoking sermon! 🙏 The emotions Jesus felt towards Jerusalem really show his deep love for humanity.
Nov 8, 2023