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Jan 9, 2018

Engaging and Educational Content for Children

At Forward Church, we believe in the importance of providing a safe and enriching environment for children to learn, have fun, and grow in their faith. That's why we created CrestviewKids CREW Tube, a platform dedicated to delivering high-quality, engaging, and educational content for children.

Join the CrestviewKids CREW

CrestviewKids CREW is an exciting group of young explorers who are ready to embark on a journey of fun, learning, and faith. Through CrestviewKids CREW Tube, children can participate in various activities and access a wealth of resources designed to nurture their spiritual growth and development.

Discover a Variety of Videos

Our platform offers a wide range of videos that cover a variety of topics, including Bible stories, principles of faith, character building, and more. Each video is carefully crafted to captivate young minds while teaching them valuable lessons and fostering a deeper understanding of God's love.

Whether it's a colorful animation, an interactive storytelling session, or a music video, CrestviewKids CREW Tube provides an immersive and entertaining experience for children of all ages. We strive to create videos that not only entertain but also inspire and empower young viewers.

Engage in Interactive Activities

Alongside our engaging videos, CrestviewKids CREW Tube offers a variety of interactive activities to enhance the learning experience. From quizzes and puzzles to craft projects and coloring pages, children can actively engage with the content and apply the teachings to their everyday lives.

We believe that hands-on experiences foster a deeper connection with the materials presented. That's why we encourage children to participate in various activities that reinforce the lessons learned from our videos.

Resources for Parents and Guardians

As parents and guardians, we understand the importance of having access to valuable resources that can support us in raising children with strong values and faith. CrestviewKids CREW Tube provides a collection of resources specifically tailored to assist parents and guardians in their vital role.

From discussion guides and conversation starters to suggested readings and prayer suggestions, our goal is to equip families with the tools necessary to navigate meaningful conversations and reinforce the values taught through our content.

Nurture Spiritual Growth

At CrestviewKids CREW Tube, our main goal is to nurture the spiritual growth of young hearts and minds. We strive to create a positive, inclusive, and faith-centered environment where children can develop a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge and grow in their relationship with God.

By carefully selecting and creating content that aligns with our values, we aim to inspire children to embrace their faith, live out the teachings of Jesus, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Join the CrestviewKids CREW Today

We invite you to join the CrestviewKids CREW and embark on an exciting journey of faith, fun, and learning. Visit CrestviewKids CREW Tube today and discover a world of engaging videos, interactive activities, and valuable resources.

At Forward Church, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation, and CrestviewKids CREW Tube is one of the ways we fulfill that commitment. Together, we can provide children with the tools they need to grow in their faith and make a difference in the world.

Kavya P
This is such a fantastic initiative! 👏 I love how CrestviewKids CREW Tube is dedicated to providing safe and enriching content for kids. It's great to see a platform that combines education and fun for children. Looking forward to joining the CrestviewKids CREW! 🌟
Nov 11, 2023