ASK: Prayers From the Old Testament: Jacob

May 29, 2022


Welcome to Forward Church's ASK series, where we delve into the power of prayer as depicted in the Old Testament. In this installment, we will focus on the life of Jacob and his remarkable encounters with God through prayer. Join us as we explore the transformative moments that shaped Jacob's faith and relationship with God.

Jacob's Journey

Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, plays a prominent role in the biblical narrative. His life was marked by challenges, triumphs, and ultimately, a deepening connection with God through prayer. As we examine the significant events in Jacob's life, we discover how prayer served as a catalyst for growth, guidance, and profound transformation.

Encountering God at Bethel

One of the most notable prayer moments in Jacob's life occurred at Bethel. Fleeing from the wrath of his brother Esau, Jacob spent a night alone in the wilderness. It was during this dark and uncertain time that God appeared to Jacob in a dream, reaffirming the promises made to his forefathers. Deeply moved, Jacob poured out his heart to God, acknowledging His presence and establishing an altar as a sacred place of worship.

A Wrestling Match with God

Another pivotal prayer event in Jacob's life took place at Peniel. Wrestling with an angel throughout the night, Jacob refused to let go until he received a blessing. This physical struggle mirrored his inner conflict and desire for genuine transformation. His relentless determination in prayer demonstrated his faith and dependence on God. This encounter not only resulted in a name change from Jacob to Israel but also left Jacob with a lifelong limp as a reminder of his encounter with the divine.

Lessons from Jacob's Prayers

Through the prayers of Jacob, we can learn valuable lessons that can shape our own prayer lives:

Persistence and Faith

Jacob's persistence in prayer and unwavering faith serves as an inspiration for us. Despite his flaws and challenges, he continually sought after God, refusing to let go until he received a blessing or guidance. We are reminded to approach our prayers with persistence, trusting that God hears us and will respond according to His perfect will.

Honesty and Vulnerability

Throughout Jacob's prayers, we witness his honesty and vulnerability before God. He was not afraid to pour out his fears, doubts, and desires. This transparency allowed for a deeper intimacy with God, resulting in transformative encounters. We are encouraged to emulate Jacob's example and approach God with authenticity, knowing that He welcomes our genuine emotions and longings.

Divine Guidance and Direction

In Jacob's prayers, we see God's guidance and direction at work. Whether it was through dreams, angelic encounters, or divine revelations, Jacob consistently sought God's wisdom and guidance. His reliance on God ultimately led him to fulfill his destiny and receive God's blessings. As we pray, we can trust that God will provide the guidance and direction we need for our own journeys.


Join us at Forward Church's ASK series as we delve into the powerful prayers of the Old Testament. In exploring Jacob's encounters with God, we witness the transformative nature of prayer and its impact on a believer's faith journey. Discover the lessons we can learn from Jacob's persistence, honesty, and reliance on God. Experience the beauty of prayer and its ability to bring us closer to the divine.