07- You Can't Put Jesus In a Box - Grace Fellowship Church

Dec 1, 2017


Welcome to Forward Church's sermon page, where you will embark on a transformative journey through the sermon titled "You Can't Put Jesus In a Box" delivered by Grace Fellowship Church. This sermon is a powerful reminder of the boundless nature of Jesus and challenges traditional beliefs that confine Him to one specific interpretation. Join our community as we explore the depths of faith and beliefs.

Embracing the Unfathomable

In a world where people often try to fit spiritual concepts into neat boxes, this sermon encourages us to release preconceived notions and open our hearts and minds to the vastness of Jesus. This sermon reminds us that Jesus cannot be contained within the limitations of human understanding or religious traditions. Rather, He transcends all boundaries, embracing the hearts of believers across cultures, denominations, and generations.

Challenging Traditional Beliefs

Grace Fellowship Church takes a bold stance by challenging traditional beliefs that often restrict the fullness of Jesus. Through thought-provoking examples and engaging anecdotes, the sermon highlights the importance of embracing the wild, unpredictable, and untamed aspects of Jesus. By doing so, we can experience a deeper connection with Him and unlock the true essence of faith.

Unleashing the Power of Faith

This sermon explores the profound message that faith in Jesus extends far beyond what we can comprehend. By resisting the temptation to place Jesus in a confined box of limited understanding, we can tap into the extraordinary power of His love, grace, and redemption. Through compelling stories and scriptural references, Grace Fellowship Church emphasizes the transformative nature of faith and its ability to bring hope, healing, and purpose to our lives.

Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs

Forward Church serves as a vibrant community where individuals from diverse backgrounds gather to explore and deepen their faith. Our church is committed to fostering inclusivity, providing a place where people can share their spiritual journey and engage in meaningful discussions. By embracing different perspectives and questioning traditional beliefs, we encourage personal growth and foster a dynamic community rooted in love, acceptance, and understanding.

Join Our Community

If you are searching for a place to understand, explore, and experience the limitless power of Jesus, we invite you to join our community at Forward Church. Through our engaging sermons, impactful events, and supportive fellowship, we provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth. Discover the freedom that comes from releasing Jesus from the confines of human comprehension and embrace the awe-inspiring journey of faith that awaits you.


Thank you for visiting Forward Church's sermon page and exploring the powerful sermon "You Can't Put Jesus In a Box" by Grace Fellowship Church. We hope that this sermon has inspired you to break free from the limitations of traditional beliefs and embrace the boundless nature of Jesus. Join our community as we embark on a journey of faith and beliefs, united by our desire to deepen our understanding and experience the transformative power of Jesus' love.